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Group exhibition ” URBAN ABSTRACT” Amsterdam/Belgium

January 29, 2016 to March 05, 2016

The Mini Galerie presents a group exhibition curated by Studio Lukas Feireiss. The exhibition will feature works by Andreas Zimmermann, Boris Tellegen, EVOL, Clemens Behr, Filip Dujardin, Zedz, Graphic Surgery, Matt McCormick and OX.
A multitude of shapes and surfaces make up the formal structure of our urban environment. It’s fabric resembles an articulate yet abstract patchwork of forms and norms, functions and regulations. Within this diversity, the city also exhibits recognizable patterns in the ordering of its multiple component parts.

Against this backdrop, the exhibition Urban Abstract focuses on the artistic recognition and experimental transformation of such patterns in the urban realm. Ranging from sculpture and installation, to stencil and painting, photography and film, the featured works actively explore a hidden language of the city. They draw their inspiration from abstracting compositional and visual elements of the city and liberating them as autonomous entities. These abstractions indicate a deliberate and highly formalistic departure from the accurate depiction of urban realities towards a new nonconcrete representation of urban landscapes in the contemporary arts.


Mini Galerie

Kinkerstraat 12A, 1053 DT Ámsterdam

Opening: Friday 29th of January, 18:00-21:00

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