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artist ZALEZ


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Zalez is a French photographer and painter who lives and works in Paris Thiers (Auvergne). The name” Zalez” consists of the first letters of “Approved Area Libertarian Educated at Zapper” a group formed by artists who invested in the streets of Toulouse for exhibitions and happenings in the 2000s. He focuses his work around the identity of the woman and develops the use of different mediums such as photography, drawing and of course the stencil is his main medium. For him, “It is through the body expresses the inner life of an individual. “(Althamer)
Since 2010, he began work in colour which he pushes to the extreme with the stencil different layers. Work in which the brightness of the Beauty sometimes suspends the movement of desire in filling in the eyes. And attempts to capture this extreme moment, he tries to compete with nature, not by a perfect imitation, but by creating a visual equivalent to state a real state equally effective.

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