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Stemming from street art, ZAG creates art works often ephemeral with the street itself as a background, in order to expose his art to the public at large. For this artist, the contemporary movement of street art comes from the desire of a generation to express itself, and for which leaving a mark and being seen by as many as possible, often by breaking laws and rules, is a way to exist and, paradoxically, a way to live in society.
While most street artists use techniques such as collage, stencils, stickers or spray paint, ZAG is specialized in large scale trompe l’œil productions. His approach takes into account the surrounding architecture and follows the code of traditional mural painting, of which trompe l’oeil is one of the sub-categories.

Drawing on his experience in various techniques, the conceptual asset of ZAG artworks lays in the complex mathematical process he uses to create anamorphosis, a challenge the artist is always willing to take on. His ability to rapidly create his artwork without altering its quality doesn’t need any more proofs, as shown by his many performances over the past 20 years.

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