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artist Uday1973


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Uday1973 has been using textile graffiti in Valencia since 2011, importing the technique from the USA.After his personal research, he created his own  Crew Wool Graffiti Valencia around the textile for graffiti whose main characteristic is focused on the ephemeral experienced.

Being an ephemeral art, its presence on the streets is more intermittent but also more innocuous with the support. The neighbourhood has been occupied with words and messages woven with wool and crochet of different colours. He is interesting on the feelings of the people when they found one of his pieces. Sometimes this meetings with the works make you think about, love, time or, happiness …

Other alternative techniques that he has been developing these years are Freestyle embroidery and urban cross-stitch, paint sewers, pixel art, recycled art with plastic stoppers, string art, poetry, etc … Always in squared supports, fences, business shutters closed by the crisis …

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