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artist Steve Locatelli


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Steve Locatelli

Steve Locatelli is a street artist from Belgium, born in Brussels. His passion for graffiti dates back to the 90s. He started in the Brussels metro. Graffiti is a real passion for this young artist who often plays with the boundaries of legality. His works from the 90s are often seen on ‘illegal’ site.
From 1998, the walls in the city’s exclusive places where young people could experiment with this new art form. During that time Steve was his imagination run free and develop his style. The 33-year-old artist has five years since a shop in Antwerp, “Artifex”. Here graffiti fans purchase material, ideas and buy unique creations of the artist. Steve also gives workshops to seniors. His goal is to transform into a form of expression and so get rid of the stigma that clings vandalism graffiti.

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