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Stencil Noire was born in Massafra in 1975. Massafra is a little village in the province of Taranto, in southern Italy, sorrounded by caves, Byzantine underground burial chambers and ravines.
This “urban natural decoration” fosters creativity since he was a child. He’s an expert in the use of colors.
As a ten years old child he was already able to reproduce his grandmother’s holy pictures in chiaroscuro on “carta da pane” with pencils and charcoal. Throughout the years art becomes a real passion.
The artist experiments several techniques from airbrush to oil painting and tempera.

In 1995 walks away from air brush and rediscovers spray colors. In the last five years he investigates the techniques of stencil and stickers, exploring them in all the diverse nuances that belong to street art. His street art cannot be only a private experience but needs to be brought outside, where people can either hate it or love it.

The social and cultural issues afflicting Taranto, from ILVA (a monster spreading poisons and death), child abuse, political corruption and double-dealing, play a crucial role in his art.
His last experience, the creation of the group “South Italy Street Art”, together with Chekos’art, allowed him to meet many artists and start new national and international collaborations.

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