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Born in Lisbon in 1985. He currently lives in Pontinha parish in Odivelas. SMILE, influenced by his mother, since very young he was interested in drawing. But it was through two cousins that his interest turned into passion.It was at the beginning of the 90s, through the movie Beat Street, that the hip hop animal invaded him. Without ever stopping to draw, it is in the middle of 1999 that he decides to dedicate himself to Graffiti. “Closed” 2 years to create, paints for the first time “SMILE” with cans from a hardware store. Not getting the desired result, it continues to draw more and more.

In 2002 he won his 1st Graffiti Contest in Odivelas. From there came numerous proposals of work in which much for the Town Council of the Ramada. He was in 1st place in the mythical Graffiti Contest in Oeiras in 2004 and in 2nd place in 2006. He has works for various brands such as Nissan, Mc Donald’s, Billabong, SIC, TVI, RTP, LRG, DVS, MagicMushroom, Cannabis Energy drink, CIN, AMI, Adidas, Uni-Posca etc among others. One of his most prestigious works is for MONTANA COLORS in 2005, brand of Graffiti cans, and the painting of the facade of a building in Olhão with the support of UNI-POSCA in 2010. Travel to England, France and Germany made the portfolios are more noticeable. It also has some meetings and workshops of Graffiti and with a few more exhibitions.

At the moment he is part of LRG’s writer team, American clothing brand.
The areas of Graphic Design and Photography are a passion that serve as inspiration for his paintings, using them as a communication vehicle to tell everyone that Graffiti is an Art form, a way of Being and Being, but never trying to escape to its origins … the Street !!!

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