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artist Shaka


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Shaka, (Marchal Mithouard) has a graffiti background which includes starting the Paris crew DKP in the early 90s, Shaka’s equally accomplished in fine art and his art today represents his breadth; it just so happens you might see it on a wall or a canvas. Shaka is one of a key class of modern French street artists who’s taken influence from the likes of Caravaggio, Lucian Freud or Francis Bacon.

Shaka directed his work towards a painting that blends sculpted expression and movement, incorporating a unique 3D, where the realism is just a pretext to reveal a latent abstraction.

Shaka breaks the canvas, he gives us an art which wants a painting of human excesses and the absurdity of some of our behaviors. At Shaka, the masks fall, transcribing the true nature of man, through caricatures.

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