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artist Sampsa


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Sampsa is a Finnish street artist whose highly political work is premised on the conviction that art can change the world. His prolific large scale stencils critiquing the corrupt nature of the Finnish and global financial system have recently begun to attract interest well beyond the outlaw street art scene. In Finland, he has been instigating a campaign to change downloading laws to move away punishing the consumer and protecting the financial interests of the corporate label owners. Instead, Sampsa suggests implementing a file sharing system that rewards the artists with direct compensation for use of their work. 
As Sampsa says – “Street art is now known to be the biggest art movement in history, there are millions of painters and hundreds of millions of clicks watching us virtually each and every night.  My contemporaries in the field of political street art and satire, although having raised awareness on many social issues that span the globe, have not been able to accomplish measurable change – citizens initiatives offer us a very important social mechanism – a tool.”
„I think street art, combined with social mechanisms, such as the citizens’ initiative may be a new form of social movement. “