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artist Rogue One


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Rogue One

Rogue-one is a graffiti artist from Glasgow. He has been mastering the art of spraypainting for over 15 years. His work ranges from stencils, pieces, characters, 3D, canvases and to large scale productions. also working in oils and acrylics and graphic design.
In his own words: „I started like most graffiti artists do, the typical tagging on the streets. Then moving on to finding and painting at quiet spots in or out of the city where I have the time to freely paint more detailed work. My first mural or piece was a painting of hip hop rapper ‘ice cube’ on a wall down the street from where I lived as a youngster. I thought it was great, and when traveling on the bus by the wall I would overhear the people saying “look at that!” and pointing. This is what helped give me the thrill of graffiti and got me hooked.“

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