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artist REMED


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REMED is a spin-off alter-ego of the french artist Guilo who initially gained fame with his Moroccan-influenced paintings of bearded men. He has travelled all over the world.

“Remed takes every style past its due date and makes it fresh. Art Nouveau graphics of the seventies are made strikingly contemporary. If you were to synthesize into a single body of work the early eighties with the graffiti writers who entered the New York art world around the same time. . . . Remed would emerge. Experienced with a limited time frame for execution, Remed solves color interactions quickly and accurately. The English language is manipulated with formidable typographic skill and a vicious sense of style. You know Remed is special when you see his transmutation of the curved arms of the French avant-garde. He’s paid his dues, he’s dubbing over history.”

(Source : Brooklynite gallery. Zach. NY.US)

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