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artist PLUTO


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Pluto is an Italian ex graffiti writer from Naples. He is currently an inmate since 26-2-2012 and has been detained without interruption. He has always loved and still loves graffiti because he believes it is a way of escaping from prisons that each of us carry inside, a way of being truly free. ”Since April 2019 I have tried stencil techniques, here many agents often talked to me about this technique and how often they are used in these days. In recent months I have spent time doing nothing but drawing, but not just for the whim of the tariff to get a nice picture … but to draw what suffocates man … the abuses of excessive power … useless wars that oppress ideas and minorities, discrimination of all kinds …. the waste of primary needs such as the image while in African countries our climate change by the great human powers of the earth, changes that see us all protagonists, all actors connected or indirectly …. ”

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