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artist Onesto (Alex Hornest)


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Onesto (Alex Hornest)

Alex Hornest aka Onesto, is a painter and sculptor who lives and works in Sao Paulo, a city that inspires and makes him reflect on urban themes, playful and introspective.
Based on that he produces his works focusing on the relationship between cities and their inhabitants.
His sculptures are made by wood, iron, porcelain and concrete aggregates where casual and unusual objects of our daily.
On his paintings by ink oil, acrylic and duco merge to create textures and contrasts with overlays that define’s light, shadow, depth and distance since the colors are not the key point to interpret the objects.
Imaginary reveal themselves at his paintings and sculptures, usually depict an universe in lyrical counterpoint to the chaos and turmoil where are removed.
Inspired by everything around him, focuses his works on a possible interaction between work and spectator, where one existence depends of the existence of other.

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