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artist Nic Alessandrini


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Nic Alessandrini

The stormy cosmology of images created by Nicola Alessandrini describes the tragic process of penetration and colo-nization of the unconscious into Reality. The artist’s work finds a chance to intervene directly in the evolutionary process, by overcoming the biological limit. Individuals consuming themselves in the form of images and abstractions, clinical grafts through which desires, cultural identity and personal memories are replicated, all converge into radically new forms that are able to face the complexity and interweaving of our historical moment. We are multiform and complex entities in which instinct, reason, guilt and atavistic genetic limits are mixed in a confused way; we are also incomplete and fallacious beings, in a stage of unfinished and spoiled evolution. Nicola’s works, visible both in streets and galleries, are often intrusive, uncomfortable and deeply destabilizing images that interweave science and popular culture, folklore and everyday life.

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