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Mr.Klevra was born in Rome in 1978, where he lives and works. He graduated on civil engineering and he has always had a passion for art; He strarted Streetart in 1994 where he began painting the street as a writer.

He uses the street as if it were an art gallery: each work must have the right location. Like a beautiful picture, that stands out perfectly when paired with a suitable frame, or under a special light, so his posters, must have space, shadows and contours architectural that together will highlight the works in full glory.
His creations have ‘s goal to hit the’ observer, trying to abduct ‘attention distracted by another passerby, with a thousand details, color shades, written and hidden symbols of various kinds.
During his career as an artist went from modeling to the most refined painting techniques (thanks to a course of Byzantine iconography), from the gun to customization of cars and motorcycles, up to graphic design freelance; This allowed him to be able to maintain their studies and to accept the positions proposed, again as a new challenges.
With the experience gained in a short time, the production of the commission, there was also the realization of works highly processed, the result of its volcanic creativity, preferring surfaces as canvases, skateboards and posters in tissue paper.
The tissue paper lately is his favorite surface, its ability to manipulate him to create even posters of enormous size, up to 10 square meters, which can then be folded , rolled up and placed in a backpack.

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