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artist Michelin Rodriguez


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Michelin Rodriguez

Michelin Rodriguez (Caracas 1982) started in urban art with graffiti in the 90s in Caracas, impressed and full of curiosity for the paints and tags that began to appear with increasing frequency in the streets of the city, paints and firms like Hase , Flow, Ore, Jim, Vaki or others. During his stay in Caracas he met a friend who was in the same mood and teached him what he needed in order to go out and paint the streets of Caracas (using the tag name “King”).

Influenced by groups such as C.E.L (Cartel de Expresión Latina) or ESC (East Side Connection) he decided to create his own crew, the DKC (Dev and King Crew), and quickly the group  expanded to incorporate more members, not only graffiti artists but also break dancers or rappers, this is how it turned into the CRG (Cartel del Rap y el Graffiti) in which he participated in its early stage.

Later in 2001 he left Caracas to live in a small Galician village (in Spain)  as a professional chef trainee. At this time his relationship with the urban art changed, in the absence of highly urbanized areas like Caracas, he starteds to be interested by other techniques and other formats ; defining his own point of view or concept of urban art with a different motivation, it was no longer a story of personal expression, ego, competition or risk taking as they are more tightly related with urban landscapes. Impressed by people like Bleck le Rat, Banksy, C215 or Roadsworth among others,  Michelin began to improve his stencil technique, alone, no crew, no A.K.A.  His current motivation is the search of communication with society and the environment through the interaction using public spaces, in addition to simply have fun !

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