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She joined the Street Art movement in 2012 through her participation in the « Lata 65 » Project , which main objective was to bring Urban Art closer to Seniors. After a life dedicated to medicine, She began to develop her own iconography through the Stencil technique.

Witches, fairies, dragons, or “old women” were her trademark and her signature « L *  is not an artist », showed her humility in this new field of work.

She used to  paint regularly in the streets of her town, Lisboa,  alone, or with friends, granddaughters or her husband, she always  says “The Graffiti Mothers are my Crew”.  She  was energizing  numerous workshops of LATA 65 and one of her reasons became their logo , an old woman with a boat of spray.

She loved coffee, plants, and learning. She always promoted elders actions and point of view in her playground…the streets.

Luísa Cortesão died at age of sixty-five but  she leaves us an example of vital energy and  charismatic freshness in Street Art.

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