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artist Kerotoo


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Kerotoo is an Urban artist, world citizen, equipped with paint rollers, latex paint and spraycans he paints walls trying to find out a connection between people around him, the place where the wall is located, and his momentary feelings. He likes to work freestyle, or if he has time to find out the right project for every place.

His style is a funny bouncing between twisted 3d wild-style lettering, human and animal subjects, surrealist compositions and mystical visions, get out from daily life happenings: music, encounters, books, politics and so on. He dedicates his work  to promote connections between people and their territory.
He is one of the creators of Elementi Sotterranei – International Graffiti and Street Art Conscious Festival in Gemona (Friuli, Italy, Planet Earth) together with friends of the cultural association for social promotion “Bravi Ragazzi”.

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