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Jose Roberto Ferreira Junior, 37 years old, natural from Cajuru interor of São Paulo state. I sign my paintings as JGor and I am currently living in São Paulo.Since my childhood, while was skating in the streets of my city, I have an adoration for art and around 1997 I started drawing some scribbles and sentences with spray can on the walls.
When I was 21 I moved to São Paulo from Cajuru. Arriving to São Paulo and seeing all that art in the walls I was stocked and immediately knew that was my world. As at first I couldnt afford to buy material, so I began to work with scraps, tables, wood, doors that I could get in the street. With paint residues and pigmens I was able to transform those materials into art.
Today I have graffiti in the USA in Miami, Wynwood, Hollywood Beach, Fort Lauderdale Florida city, the city of São Paulo and also in the interior of the São Paulo state. Did some exhibitions and my artwork was also in magazines. I dont known when I started painting but I know that it has always been a necessity, an expression in the pursuit of my space, of my voice.

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