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artist Jef Aerosol


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Jef Aerosol

Jean-François Perroy, better known under the pseudonym Jef Aérosol, was born in Nantes (France) on January 15th 1957. He’s a French urban stencil artist, a main proponent of the first generation of street artists who started working on the streets in the early 80s.
Jef Aérosol has been living and working in Lille (in the North of France) since 1984 but his works are exhibited worldwide.
He spraypainted his very first stencil in Tours (Central France) in 1982. He was a pioneer of what is now called “urban art” and he remains a reference and an influence among street artists of the younger generations.
Jef often paints celebrities and icons such as Elvis Presley, Gandhi, Lennon, Hendrix, Basquiat, Amalia Rodrigues, Dylan…
But a very important part of his work is also devoted to the anonymous characters of the street : buskers, passers-by, beggars, kids, elderlies, ordinary people…

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