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JACOBA is a 32 year-old, Copenhagen-based artist who works mostly in the public space. She painted her first mural when she at the age of 18 lived in the U.S., and since then she has completed over 40 murals on four continents.

Jacoba’s work is grounded in her belief that connectedness facilitates a better understanding of self and others, and is a powerful tool to address and change current social issues. In her art, she dissects the bonds between people, nature and the body in an intricate and personal way, visualizing universal feelings and topics.

Jacoba has one leg in the gallery world, and the other in the world of public murals. She paints in the street because she believes that unrestricted art for everyday people and the issue of ownership of public space are important. In all her work, she aims to interrupt the mainstream feelings of disconnection, indifference, bias, and “-isms”, through showing that underneath, we are alike, thus seeking to humanize that which has become dehumanized or alienated.

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