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HAD is the young artist collective from Bosnia and Herzegovina formed in June 15, 2015. Their artwork is based on a specific technique of street art, the wallcut as they call it. A synthesis of their initial commitments, and also their professions, where members are a street artist, an architect and a fine artist
, led them to the creative vision of making a new and unique artistic expression. The technique is based on cutting and demolition of wall surfaces, where the relations between the parts that remain and the removed parts create a relief surface of their artwork.
While leaning on the traditional methods of relief and sgraffito fresco techniques, this artist collective is going in a completely different direction thematically. Revolutionary and selfless artistic expression, though distant from vandalism, it possesses a dose of rage in itself, together with the need for stealth and desire for change. They draw inspiration from the forgotten things, their silence, surrealism, past and melancholy, turning them into representations of human figures and portraits. By deconstructing, they want to create a new life on every wall, and then walk away from it. Their artwork is what remains and their visions are the only thing they carry with them.

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