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artist Fredone Fone


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Fredone Fone

Brazilian artist, Fredone Fone grew up in Espirito Santo state with his father. Fredone grew up there, in one of Brazil’s suburbs, and started early to work, when he was a child, for a decade helping his father at work as a mason.
The little hod man had your first classes about the city, with his father, learning about intimacy of the walls that shape the urban anatomy.
Fredone’s knowledge expanded through skateboarding practices and illegal graffiti. He started to write on the streets, in 1995, when he painted his first signature with a spray on the wall, in the neighborhood where he was raised.

Through these experiences, that served as a base and inspiration for his art work, Fredone Fone has created the “humanurbano” and maintains his researches about the contemporary relationship of humans in the city. Humanurbano is an person-lifestyle-concept that was born from the fusion of the two bodies: the human and the urban.
In addition to graffiti and mural painting the artist uses other languages such as collage, photography, video art and installations.

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