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Erb Mon, painter and muralist Hipanic / Brazilian. For a decade (98/08) and under another name, he devoted himself to photography and street art with posters of his images on the walls of Barcelona. His incessant creative activity achieved dozens of publications in the press and various collective exhibitions. In 2008, he decided to change his life and temporarily left the art to travel, study other forms of life and experience altered states of consciousness. In 2011, he begins to live and create under three new concepts: Nomadism is the best way to keep learning. The mural is the most direct way to express. It’s public. And nature is the best guide.

Under these three pretexts, life and work form together an abstract journal where nomadism, urban art and mysticism narrate his particular lifestyle.
For Erb create in public spaces means a great opportunity, where the dialogue with the passer-by is constant, free.
This passion led him to perform more than a hundred murals and pieces in the last four years, mixing streets and collaborations with artists (Harkaitz Cano), brands (Heineken), companies (Le Meridien Ra Spa Hotel), museums (Museo Guggenheim Bilbao), community projects (Catalunya 2017) and festivals (Intramurs 2017)

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