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artist El euro


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El euro

El euro is an Italian graffiti artist based in Turin, who has been active since 1996. Around year 2000 he abbandoned the spray-can to explore other kinds media. Nowadays he draws, with water paint on walls, large caracters in country-side places abandoned and inaccessible.

His works are crazy caracters influenced by comics and animations living in a virtual space were lines are not borders but dimensions, colours are glitched analogic pixel, words are random funny combinations of languages fonts and concepts. Pets, items, people, famous characters, childhood memories and pop icons live in a lisergic and crazy worlds, having no-sense.

In el euro mural-art you can easily see references to the great arts of the last century, artists such as Francis Bacon, Andy warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring, Rothko have influenced his paintings. In the last five years his works can be seen in publications, projects, art-shows all around the world showing his hidden street-art…

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