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artist Davide – Poesia D’Assalto


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Davide – Poesia D’Assalto

I’m Davide, i’m born in Lecce in south Italy. I started writng my poems and quotes on posters in 2010 which i put up in the streets of Lecce.
As time has gone by , i’ve changed the sort of ‘street assault’ i do . I’ve started using paint so as ti make my work more permanent and therefore visible to a greater number of people . My artistic style has also changed because i want to address what i write to today’s society . The main idea i want to get across is that when your feeling are put into writing , they automatically become poetry . Poetry is for everyone and in everyone . Being able to write down what i feel is already a big first step for me . Making it public is the next step . Once a poem becomes public , it is the reader that decides on the meaning it has . The message in my poems varies greatly . I try to talk about common problems from a more human point of view , in a simple way , sometimes using “cliched” rhymes .
My ‘street art’ consists of writing my poetry on the streets , next to or together with any other sort of urban art . My style includes the calligraphy as a means and an instrument for achieving a complete work

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