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artist Carne


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Carne is an artist based in Gorizia, the far east of Italy.The main application of his works are the abandoned spaces. These spaces are the maximum representation of the structural and social decay of an urbanism and an economical system outdated and dilapidated through which, with a romanticism and a surrealistic eye it is possible to see the life cycle, birth, development, death and silence, where nature is the only element that continues its cycle. The same nature was destroyed many years ago for the construction of these buildings. These walls became an integral part of his works. For Carne, paint in these spaces is the maximum achievement of the intimacy between him and his works.

”Friuli is a borderland, and through the years saw many wars and in after The WWII becomes the last border to the ex-jugoslavia and the USSR. For these reason this land was devastated by the construction of military outposts, barracks and bunkers. Now, after the decay of the fear politic these spaces are abandoned and decaying and with my works I want give them another rebirth, a rebirth completely different to the first. I want also put the focus on the bankruptcy politic of fear and hate that characterized my land for many years, a land crossbreed of cultures and people and not military outpost against the foreign, the different.”