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artist Carl KENZ


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141.6 miles away from the sun, Carl Kenz saw the light of the universe. According to Kenz, life on Mars had nothing to do with the god of war. On the contrary, it was a wonderful life – organic, colorful, real. But one day, Kenz found himself quite confused on the planet Earth.At first glance, everything seemed to be even more alive and full of opportunities. But appearances were deceiving. It was only the idealized, artificially cleaned self-image of the society, which, at first, did not allow the indifference of existence and appearances. The Martian tries to bring his utopia onto the walls and canvases of this world in order to make it nicer and a bit more colorful. He realizes his Utopian places and thus constructs heterotopias aiming against the controlled and disciplinary society.
He realizes this by picking up, questioning or reversing parts of the current culture and thus critically reflects
the planet Earth. His humorist surrealistic paintings often social criticism, which gives us food for thoughts.

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