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artist C-uno


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C-uno _ My works are an experiment with the different energy and history of the individual art forms and the possibility to combine it. Like the modern way of living and especially the capitalistic way of life absorbs all rude and natural forms of living, the work shall reflect this in an ironic way. The pictorial narrative technique is that of the stream of consciousness – protagonists, landscapes and motifs arisen from the stream of consciousness, are cut out of their larger context and intertwined in free association with new content and figures. And yet, the picture follows a clear intention and statement: offering familiar shreds of collective memory and embed it in a carefully staged design from the strangest landscapes, situations and constellations.

The viewer opens up a wondrous universe of styles, timeframes, social developments: often seemingly naive, sometimes expressive, sometimes wild. In its playful mix of levels of meaning, details and contexts it includes the riddle and its solution at the same time. Behind often humorous, ironic titles hides such as behind the image plane itself a reflexive attitude towards the old questions of mankind, social constructs and the emergence of cultural value and meaning.

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