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artist BETA ROK 75


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Liverpool based street artist Beta Rok 75 creates bold and vibrant works on the walls of the city. Many of his murals are designed–sometimes with help from locals in the community –to
brighten up inner city areas such as Toxteth. For many who feel that their socioeconomic status deprives them of a voice, his art and community work provide a channel through which they can express themselves. In his collaboration with this project, Beta Rok 75 has set out to bring a wave of positivity to Toxteth’s residents in his artwork, as a reminder to look onwards and upwards towards a brighter tomorrow. As a follow up to his artwork Absolut will support him in organising a neighbourhood arts festival, connecting the public in the making and viewing of innovative, forward thinking street art. Members of the public will collaborate with artists to learn from their experience and techniques in the production of a communal mural, providing a unifying creative opportunity and skill development for them.

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