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artist Belin


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Self-taught plastic artist, born in Linares (Jaén). From a very young age, he had the initiative to stay creative at all times and in all aspects, this same concern remains until his high school years where he studied the artistic baccalaureate in the city of Jaén. After trying to adapt to an obsolete artistic education program, he decides to desert and search through libraries, museums and other experimental features to give way to the inventiveness that lay in his mind. At present this artist already has an extensive curriculum, recognized worldwide for his hyperrealistic spray technique, without the need to use grids, projectors or templates, the improvement of a technique that would give him the recognition of what now enjoys, undoubtedly reveals the practice and perseverance of an artist devoted to his art and his vision. His sculptural and pictorial works have been exhibited throughout Spain and around the world, in museums, galleries and exterior walls. Belin describes this experience juxtaposing “Post Neo Cubism” styles, in homage to the work of Pablo Picasso at the origin of his creative turning point.

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