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artist Beetroot


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Beetroot began his path in Street Art in 2009. He immediately worked on his personal project called Picture Crossing, unique of its kind: he leaves his works on canvas and other media on the road to their fate. Anyone is free to freely appropriate it and then in turn decide the fate of the work, thus participating in the concept of free movement of art. His experimentation with materials continues and reaches the “strange” combination of stucco and spray acrylics to then be modeled with a drill to obtain a material and multifaceted result. He exhibits in Rome at the Mondo Bizzarro gallery, at the MAAM “Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere in Metropoliz”, the Piastoletto cultural center in Biella, the Chiostro del Bramante, the Graffik Gallery in London and above all on the walls of Rome, Europe and not only.

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