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artist Anthony Brooks


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Anthony Brooks

Anthony Brooks is a visual artist originally from the area just outside of Chicago, currently based out of Belgrade, Serbia. Grown up in an artistic family he studied arts and later on relocated to Belgrade. He has been painting murals since 2016 and his art includes symbolisms and is mainly inspired from everyday experiences and thoughts.

”Since childhood, I’ve had a fascination with portraiture. The intricacies of what’s going on behind a face, or the actions that precede/follow a moment in time tell such an amazing story. Through the years, this has developed from a simple interest into my work as it is today. Some subjects are people that I’ve photographed while travelling, misplaced into settings that aren’t their own, but add a certain element to the imagery. Others are surrealistic in approach and merge anthropomorphized figures with animals, plants, and objects in a way that forms a connection with viewers through familiar imagery. All-the-while ensuring that the viewers don’t focus solely on the face itself and how similar/dissimilar it is to their own appearance. Other times, this similarity is taken into account and used specifically to cause concern or a reaction.”

”The reason for this variation in intent lies in my understanding and connection with street art and public art in general. I see it as a medium through which large numbers of people can not only be reached, but engaged. To create not only pretty imagery, but a visual conversation.”

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