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artist A.Pozas


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A.Pozas is a Spanish artist based in Brighton, he has a degree in arts from the University of Granada.
His artworks is influenced by pop art, street art or realism and surrealism. He is a versatile artist who work across painting, sculpture and street art. Through his art work, A.Pozas explores themes of personal and emotional experience of life and also explores themes such as diversity and identity, social commentary on social injustices of all kinds, such as racism, homophobia, poverty and war. Sensitivity seems to be an obvious characteristic of A.Pozas’s work, endowed with great personality, a very direct language and sense of humor in some of his pieces. Imagery of children and people crying, screaming and engaging in rebellious acts are also used throughout his work.
Typically in various pieces, A.Pozas subverts everyday icons and symbols to create new meanings through a provocative sense. In this way he often makes complaints aimed towards capitalism and religion – expressing controversial sides of both to expose new perspectives to his viewers.

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