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Best Street Art 2017 (Special) 2018-01-21

Best Street Art 2017 (Special)

We are proud to present this fine collection of best street art works that we have received during 2017. On behalf of the ISSA team, we wish a Happy New Year to all you fine people out there, who share, support, love and believe in Art for the people. Hope you enjoy this Collection of our Best Street Art 2017!

All works have been really inspiring, each and every one of them deserve to be seen and this is our daily commitment towards you. Enjoy and share!

WD (Wild Drawing) in Athens, Greece


Kraser art in Kiev, Ukraine. Photo by @geoleros



Sonny mural of the endagered giant Amur Leopard in Vladivostok, Russia


Mona Tusz for UNIQA Art Lodz Project, Poland. photo © Michał Bieżyński


Stinkfish wall in Medellin – Colombia


KOBRA Mural in Portugal, Lisbon / Raoni Metuktire – Brazilian indigenous leader of the Caiapó


STMTS in Bologna, Italy


Alice Pasquini mural in Campegine, Italy


D*Face mural in downtown Las Vegas, US


EIME in Beja / Portugal


TYLER from India demonstrates the amount of power the POUSA has.


DOURONE wall at Mulhouse at Les Côteaux in France. Picture: Jean-Paul Houille




Étien mural in Moncton, Canada for Inspire Festival / Photo: L R Chiasson


Eva Bracamontes in Petitcodiac, Canada


INTI wall in Adelaide, Australia


Nimi wall in Bergen, Norway for Nuart 2017 – Photo: Brian Tallman


MAGA wall for the 12+1 in Sant Feliu by Contorno Urbano and Kaligraficsin in Barcelona, Spain


Herr Nilsson pasting in Stockholm, Sweden


SMUG wall in Norway. Photo: Brian Tallman


PichiAvo in Valencia at ciutat Fallera, Spain


Artes Prada  in Benavente, Spain


Wosnan wall in Bogota, Colombia


Millo wall in Shanghai, China


Julieta XLF with Bifido in Valencia, Spain


M-CITY in Kharcov, Ukraine


Peeta wall in Argopoli, Italy


Lula Goce in Valencia, Spain


NEVERCREW wall in Los Angeles, USA


Leon Keer 3D anamorphic chalk art


BIP mural in San Francisco, California.


TAKER photo-realism (Marina and the Diamonds) in Budapest, Hungary


GLEO mural in Sau Paulo, Brazil


Jim Vision wall in East London, UK


Mikael B wall in Copenhagen, Denmark


Add Fuel mega tile work in Lisbon, Portugal


ARCY wall in Glenrock, Wyoming, USA Photographer: Greg McKelvey


Hyuro ad busting in Berlin, Germany.


Milu Correch + DIC +DOXS + PAVOR  for Circuito Urbano de Arte in Belo Horizonte, Brasil.


Miss VAN La Escocesa Barcelona


KLE wall tribute to Maria Kallas tribute – Patras, Greece


SatOne & Axel Void for Scale wall Munich, Germany


Miquel Wert for GARGAR festival in Penelles, Spain


INO environmental Mural in Ibiza, Spain for Bloop Festival


Sfhir for Internacional Art simposium in Guarda (Portugal)



Regg Salgado – Covilhã in Portugal. Photo: Pedro Seixo Rodrigues.


Regue Mateos, Spain by @stARTer


Said Dokins for MUCA in Munich, Germany


Thiago Mazza mural in Monterrey, Mexico


Ladamanrouge street intervention – France



MACS & ETNIK collaboration in Italy


Dan Ferrer in Wisbaden for Meeting Of Styles in Germany


MAISMENOS in Stavanger, Norway for Nuart Festival


OakOak intervention in Hawaii – (Powwow)


SAME84 creation in Athens, Greece


Amok Island work on brick wall in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Himed wall in Queretaro, Mexico


Jaz mural in Kiev, Ukraine


Monkey Bird mural in Grenoble, France


JDL wall in Malaysia


Jorge Nino Castillo in Cali, Colombia


Ludo artwork at La Condition Publique – Roubaix in France


Man o Matic wall in Huelva Spain


Mark Gmehling mural in Antwerp, Belgium


MIKA creation in Brittany, France


Nils Westergard and Joachim in Antwerp, Belgium


Pablito Zago wall in Nancy , France



Wild Welva in Huelva, Spain


Studio FLOP artwork in Bogota, Colombia


Telmo Miel mural in Boras, Sweden.


Vera Bugatti 3D art in Dubai.


Violant mural of Prof. Hawkins  in Alferrarede in Portugal. Fotografia de Ricardo Rodrigues


Obey  mural in Lisbon, Portugal


Papparazzi  mural in Cyprus


Bordalo II trash instalation in Moncton, Canada for Inspire Festival. Photo: L P Chiasson


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