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Leon Keer – The 3D explorer talks to ISSA

ISSA is excited to share, our latest interview featuring 3D street painter Leon Keer. Leon paints contemporary themes on the streets across the world. Find out how he started off, his future plans and much more about the person that creates such imaginative art!

(ISSA) -What do you choose to drink? Coffee, Tea, Beer, Soda or something else?
(Leon Keer) – Start with a smoothie in the morning , tea during the day, and some beers when the
job has been done.

-Introduce yourself to us …
I have been an artsist for 20 years now. Started with more commercial mural paintings
for several multinational companies. Did a lot of live-painting, presenting my
art out in the open. These days my focus is on painting the streets with anamorphic
optical illusionary artwork. When I am not on the street I am in my studio in Utrecht
working on art installations and mixed media paintings.
– Do you use a tag name?
I present my 3d paintings by my own given name. Some other artwork have different
direction and mystery and are produced with an alias.

leon Keer 3d

Anamorphic painting in Breda , The Netherlands

-How do you define yourself? Artist? Street artist? Anything else?
For me creating an artwork is all about having the right commitment to exploiting
your craftmanship and right use of materials. An energyflow where I am able to visualize
the concept that I have in my mind.

-What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
Look outside my bedroom window and feel the breeze coming in.

-Street art is mostly a visually stimulating form of art. To add one more sense to it, what music would you pick to accompany your art work?
If I work on the streets I hardly ever have my own music as I like to be aware of the
surrounding area all the time. When I am in my studio I always listen to music, comes
in all kinds of forms except classic, as this never seems to get me into the right mood.

-In all forms of art, inspiration is crucial. What inspires you?
When I am working abroad I’d like to visit the local bar at night and listen to the
stories of locals. Everyone has a story to tell, can be anxious, happy or sad, but sure
that’s an inspiration to work with.

-What is the hardest part for you, while working on a piece of art?
Changing weather conditions when I am just finalizing an artwork made with chalk.

Leon Keer 3d from above

Leon Keer 3d from above in Malta

-Do you have an artists you admire and what for?
I really like the concepts Leandro Erlich is using in his artwork. The mastering pastel
skills of Kurt Wenner and the smashing artwork against consuming by Ron English.

-Which cities do you think are the most inspirational in Street Art?
Every city which has a rich industrial history, social concerns, conduct of war or
strange political behaviour.

-Do you have other passions apart from art?
Quality time with friends, I love some good sushi and try to master snowboarding

-What is the wildest project that you dream of achieving some day?
One day without words and everybody only busy trying to visualize what they would
like to say.

Leon Keer5

‘Big selfie’, 3d street painting for Dubai Canvas by Leon Keer

-Does your art include symbolisms, messages or repeated patterns?
There is always a message in my artwork, however I don not feel obliged to point out
this message

– For how long time do your works usually survive?
The artwork I create on the streets is temporary. For me that strenghtens the existance.

-What do you think people first think or feel when they see one of your works on the street?
If you are on the right viewpoint you are able to see the 3d effect. On the sides it just
looks like a strange distorted image. The spectators find it hard to digest that the artwork
will be gone after a while.

-Do you have a secret you would like to share with us?
Personally not yet. But my art is public so you can witness the process from sketch
until final result, while I am working you are also able to ask me questions about
technique and concept.

Leon Keer2

3d streetart Lego Football at The Big Draw event in Eindhoven The Netherlands

-What are your creative plans for the future?
There will be an opening night soon in my new studio. With some newly created artwork
and artwork still in the making.
Also I will be travelling to Florida next month to participate the Chalkfestival for the
4th time which is always a nice gathering with fellow artists.

-Is there a specific thought or message you would like to pass to our audience out there?
Building up memories is key. Be aware of all the beautiful art on the street and try to focus on the thoughts and crafts behind it.

Thank you! It ’s been great to get to know more about the mind and person behind such talented and inspiring works. ‘’I Support Street Art’’ team.

Thanks for noticing my artwork! (Leon Keer)


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Leon Keer 3d-streetpainting-berlin-500x375

Anamorphic art in abandoned textile factory in Alt Starlau, Berlin

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