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April 21, 2016 to June 04, 2016


Swinton Gallery presents in Madrid the first solo exhibition of this artist who since 2008 has been stretching the boundaries of street artwork through his travels around the world. An unrelenting quest -in those forsaken nooks, on a lost summit or in a derelict village- for new ways of endeavour and taking over the space.

Half-way between the big town and the countryside, between the urban and the rural environments, SPIDERTAG offers a trip around his universe made up of straights lines, nails, dirt, hammers, wool, wood and paint.

Between abstraction and geometry, between cinema and experimentation, between neon lights and fluoride sprays, SECUENCIAS MÍNIMAS sets the path for new directions which reflect upon the interests of this urban artist, always concerned about straight lines, composition and an unending diagonal row’s unsettling balance.

SECUENCIAS MÍNIMAS includes a series of 23 new works that combine a few simple elements that build a precise and synthetic universe: video, installation, sculpture made of logs, wooden structures, light and polyptychs with neon and red fluo paint. A lot of red fluo paint.


In Swinton Gallery’s 140 sq. meter main room, this urban artist unleashes his latest reinvention, following his path of abstraction and geometry and adding a heavy dose of experimentation.

With objects found in the street -doors, windows or pallets- Spidertag builds an intimate and brilliant story, a personal view of the future, a diagonal trace on his artistic life that has led him since 2008 to transit the paths between urban and rural areas.

Spidertag---Secuencias-Mínimas-6 Spidertag---Secuencias-Mínimas-9 (Copiar)


Swinton Gallery

C/ Miguel Servet 21,

28012 Madrid


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