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August 24, 2018 to August 31, 2018

The ibug enters a new round. Again, this summer more than 120 artists join the festival for urban art in Chemnitz (Germany) and transform the remnants of a decayed needle and blanks factory called NAPLAFA into a synthesis of the arts by an extraordinary potpourri of murals and graffiti, illustrations and installations, performance and multimedia.

Creative folks from all over the world – from Russia to Mexico – announced themselves for the 13th edition of the festival. Besides familiar faces there will be promising newcomers.

This years artists:

Acid Stream (D), Arbeitstitel (D), Doppeldenk (D), Itsthevibe (D), Lo Milo (CZ), Superfreunde (D), Andy K. (D), Arthur Louis Ignoré (F), Axolotl Collective (MEX), Benjamin Duquenne, Eyes-B & Nean (F), Element-Art (D), Buessow & Grimbs (D), Chinagirl Tile (A), Christian Rug (D), Christoph Rossner (D), Diana Kogan (D), Desiree Sander (D), Dr.Molrok (D), Elmar Carla (D), Elparo (F), Farbgefühl (D), Fede Out (D), Felix Rodewaldt (D), fogeljunge (D), Fran Feo (E), Frau Albert (D), Odour Odessa (D), Freizeitgruppe Gestaltung (D), Galo (BR), GebruederOnkel (D), Gino (D), Helen Bur (GB), Ilana Pichon (CDN), Inso Mundo (CH), Jesus Moreno (E), Jo Higgs (GB), Johan (S), Kera1 (D), KJ263 (D), Krista Burger (NL), Lapiz (F), Base23 (D), Lagqaffe (D), Lene (D), Lisa Baier (D), Luca Di Maggio (I), Loomit (D), Lost Optics (RO), Mad Gallosch (D), Mélina Mauberret & Burn Crew (D), Los Metzican (MEX), Medianeras (RA), Miezwars (D), Mini & Herr Orm (D), Niko Tsounakas (GR), Origami Riots (GB), Peter Fahr (D), PlusMinus3 (D), Quintessenz (D), René Meyer (D), RICE (E), Robert Deutsch (D), Sam Wall (GB), Sasha Blosyak (RUS), Spidertag (E), Studio Paragon (D), Tape That (D), Tasso (D), The Orion (RO), Jazirkus (D), Tina Turnschuh & Roja Mouge (D), Tropical Heins (D), Clemenman (D), Various&Gold (D), Vasya Basyo (RUS), VESUV (D), Wasp Elder (GB), Yves Paradis (CDN), ZZNNArt (NL).

The results of their work will be open for public twice, from the 24th to the 26th of August and from the 31st of August to the 2nd of September. The art is framed by an extensive program including guided tours, movies, artist-talks, panel-discussions, an art-market, live music, a beer garden and, of course, a party at the local transit club with Bass, Techno and Hip-Hop on two floors.

Facts and numbers:

„VEB Kombinat Textima“ → Waplerstraße 1 in 09120 Chemnitz, Germany.

How to get there
We recommend to use the train to Chemnitz main station and the local public transport called CVAG. From the closest stops it´s about a minute walk to the venue.
Bus: line 52 (direction „Hutholz“) till stop „Waplerstraße“
Tram: line 5 (direction „Hutholz“) or the „City-Bahn“ line C11 (direction „Stollberg“) till stop „Rößlerstraße“

Opening hours:
24th till 26th of August and 31st of August till 02nd of September
Friday: 3pm to 10pm
Saturday: 10am to 10pm
Sunday: 10am to 8pm

Guests can enter the exhibition until one hour to the closing. On Friday and Saturday the outdoor area, including the ibug beer garden, is opened afterwards till midnight.

Entrance fees
Day ticket 9 Euro, 5 Euro reduced price*
Family ticket 20 Euro**
Festival ticket 15 Euro***

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