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Meeting Of Styles – 2021

Meeting Of Styles – 2021

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The art of inspiring


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Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

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Jared Aufrichtig

Jared Aufrichtig 06/28/2018

Jared Aufrichtig is an International Multidiscipline Fine Artist and Photographer pushing the boundaries of Expression. Originally from LA by way of Long Beach California, he now moves about the globe immersed in Art, Music, Surfing and Skateboarding while searching out the connections and parallels between them. Jared has exhibited many times internationally in Galleries/Museums. (more…)

New amazing light calligraphy by Said Dokins and Leo Luna

New amazing light calligraphy by Said Dokins and Leo Luna 12/22/2017

Said Dokins and Leonardo Luna present some amazing works with light calligraphy on their last trip to the Netherlands. Said used the luminic tools he has created to perform a series of calligraphic actions around public spaces, while Leonardo Luna’s lens was capturing them. (more…)

Said Dokins and Leo Luna New amazing light calligraphy project

Said Dokins and Leo Luna New amazing light calligraphy project 08/21/2017

In words of Said Dokins: ‘Heliographies of Memory is a long-term project that explores diverse social and historical relations that define specific places and, at the same time, resignify the sites within contemporary imaginaries, such as displaced memories encrypted in the flow and transit, a Non-place. (more…)

Experimental Neon Lights Operation by Spidertag

Experimental Neon Lights Operation by Spidertag 08/26/2016

This is, according to the creator SpiderTag, the first mural done worldwide with what he calls ”The Experimental Neon Lights Operation”. The Mural was done in Mallorca, Spain, for Artnit festival 2016. (more…)


Jerome 04/04/2016

Jerome was born in july 1994 ,in Köln Deutschland. He is a Street Poet based in Thessaloniki Hellas. He feels that strong words only come true through Walls.

New short film: ‘Sleeping’

New short film: ‘Sleeping’ 03/31/2016

A short film documenting Irish artist Eoin as he works between the contrasting neon cityscape of Tokyo and the lush landscape of Japan. Showcasing the process of his long exposure photography. Soundtrack from Limerick based composer Paddy Mulcahy. (more…)


GLOW 01/22/2016

GLOW is Street raised, street based. With more than 10 years of graffiti background his work is constantly seeking to change and evolve. His latest works deal with “fluorescent aesthetics” exploring the perception of a wallpainting both in day and night time. (more…)

Bond Truluv

Bond Truluv 04/25/2015

Bond Truluv, a master of both lettering and light photography. Originally born and raised in Germany in 1981 Bond TruLuv became involved with graffiti-writing at the beginning of this millennium. Since then he has eagerly committed himself to examining new ways of composing letters and calligraphic ways of expression, as well as modes of fine arts and graphic design. (more…)


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Interview: Rosh333

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