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RFP – Yas Bay Public Art Project – Abu Dhabi

Posted: 03/04/2020
Expiring: 01/07/2020
who calls: Yaser
contact email: [email protected]
contact number: +971564989956
location: Yas Island , Abu Dhabi , UAE
the prize: Artists Fees, materials, hotel, travel and per dime.
RFP – Yas Bay Public Art Project – Abu Dhabi

We are seeking proposals from talented artists to install vibrant murals on a substations and retail building facade within the Yas Bay area in Yas Island. We have secured permissions from property owners and related entities. Proposals should be fun, unique, playful and true to your vision.

The objective of this public art project is to:

• Activate and beautify the Yas Bay area.
• Draw people into the district and provide an urban mural that serves as a “destination” for photos, driving local affinity and urban tourism.
• Serve as an icon of the Yas Bay district, specifically.
• Provide a better visual experience in the waterfront frequently used as a pedestrian walkway.

We are opening this project up to all talented international artists and seek proposals from artists and creatives interested in designing, procuring and installing murals. We are looking for artists who:

• Provide a creative and dynamic proposed mural design that accomplishes the visual goals of the project.
• Are capable of planning, procuring and installing the mural independently under the approval of the Aldar and within the agreed upon budget proposed by the artist.
• Can complete this project by September 15, 2020


Your proposal must include a design rendering showing what your mural would look like, a timeline and a comprehensive budget.

Create a rendering of your design.

Download the existing photos to use as a canvas for your rendering. If you need a better-quality photos shoot us an email.

Use Photoshop or the creative software of your choice to create a digital rendering of your design either directly or in another digital rendering style. Hand-drawn renderings may be scanned and uploaded, although they are not preferred. All renderings must show your proposed design within the existing space and should not be submitted as a blank concept without the surrounding context.

Develop your project narrative.

Briefly (a few paragraphs will totally do!) tell us the inspiration behind your design and how it will impact Yas Bay. We’re looking for your words on:

Where your inspiration comes from, and what it is.

Basically, why do you like this design? What made you come up with it? Does it draw inspiration from our area at all? Or maybe it’s just a cool modern design and that’s rad all on its own?

How you feel your design will be an icon of the Yas Bay district.

Does the design encourage people to take photos? Is it – dare we say – “Instagramable”? What elements of “Yas Island” does it incorporate or pay homage to?

Thank You for interest
Looking forward for your proposals

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