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PRIMITIVƏ – immaginazione collettiva

Posted: 06/18/2022
Expiring: 01/07/2022
who calls: Isabel Gollin
contact email: [email protected]
contact number: +44 742100811
location: Sardinia (Italy)
the prize: 500 euro
PRIMITIVƏ  – immaginazione collettiva

ProPositivo has launched the call “PRIMITIVƏ – Collective Imagination” to produce actions that, starting from the present heritage and languages, can stimulate new and more inclusive ones. To expand the artistic community of Muraghes and to continue the process of enhancing and characterizing the urban context, with interventions (physical, multimedia or digital) useful to create a new visual narration of the park and the territory, careful to enhance its social heritage, environmental and cultural existing, but also to reflect on the conflict between man and nature, between man and man.


This is not just a call to participate in the eighth edition of the Resilience Festival 2022, but an INVITATION extended to all artists over time, to send us their portfolios, projects, in line with the nature and mission of MURAGHES to build ,with the communities involved, the true meaning.

The competition is open to artists of regional, national and foreign origin, residing within the European community, of any age.

Candidates are invited to fill in the appropriate online form and send a confirmation email with the subject “Muraghes + Name and Surname” to the following email [email protected]

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