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An ode to HYURO November 26th, 2020

If something characterized Hyuro‘s work it was sincerity, the softness of her palette fled from the stridency to speak almost in whispers of what is invisible to many.

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Cosmic Touch by Skount November 24th, 2020

Artist Skount recently painted this big format panel inspired by a frame shot from one of Aurora‘s poetic music videos and hence inspired by it. The “Cosmic touch” was painted at Keep it fresh projects “Billboard, A & L boulevard project” in Amsterdam.

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In Penge Mural by ZABOU November 23rd, 2020

London based artist ZABOU recently completed another fascinating wall which is titled: Modern Day Addiction. It is a 10m by 8m mural with a very important message reminding us how deceiving social media can be!

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Artez new mural in Kutaisi, Georgia November 19th, 2020

“Favorite distraction” is the title of Artez‘s latest mural! This beautiful and optimistic artwork was painted on a newly built student campus in Kutaisi and it captures the typical moment in the life of a pet owner.

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OTTSTUFF “Fusion” November 17th, 2020

Spanish artist OTTSTUFF mixes the languages and tools of iconographic graffiti and graphic design, developing an oneiric and minimalist universe, where colour plays the main expressive force.

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Mrfijodor at the North Terminal of Udine November 16th, 2020

Two speeches on ecological awareness. Mrfijodor elegantly created two outdoor artworks while stressing the massive problem humanity is facing with the uncotrolable use and disposal of Pet plastic bottles.

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New Mural by INTI in Italy November 12th, 2020

INTI has presented his latest mural in Italy, titled POLVERA DI STELLE and it is located in Naples, Italy. Another one of his captivating large scale artworks, it has blown our minds into to the skies.

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Jupiterfab on exploring our relationship with digital technology November 11th, 2020

Street artist Jupiterfab returns with 3 new walls which are focused on exploring the relationship between human beings and the impact of digital technology.

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ADAPTA / ADD FUEL Mural in Lisbon November 9th, 2020

This year, we have had ample time to reflect and, inevitably, adapt to changes.  Portoguese artist ADD FUEL has taken this opportunity and has created an inpirational mural just outside Lisbon.

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