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Special Report: Lisbon Street Art January 19th, 2021

Following the recent article on Singapore Street Art by Suzanne Bäumler, she returns, this time with an insight to the vibrant scene of Lisbon! This first hand experience is presented from a recent trip she did with her partner, photographer Michael Harker.

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Mastering mural painting January 17th, 2021

“As artists, we are the writers of history. As we paint, people watch. And it is our responsibility to give them information that will inspire them, motivate them, and prepare them for the future.” Bash, South African street artist at IPAF 2021.

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DabsMyla Gives New Life To Monumental Water Tower January 16th, 2021

Australian contemporary artist Darren and Emmelene Mate, collectively known as DabsMyla, created a colorful expansive mural on a former massive water tower structure in Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.

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Reckless action effect by Gola Hundun January 15th, 2021

A blurring mural to raise awareness about the Coral bleaching. An artwork to speak about MASS TOURISM effects. Italian artist Gola Hundun starts a new project about environmental conservation in his hometown.

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Anne Vieux’s prismatic installation in Bentonville January 11th, 2021

New-York based contemporary artist Anne Vieux recently contributed a public art intervention to Downtown Bentonville’s growing portfolio of outdoor art experiences. Curated by Charlotte Dutoit of global women-led curator group Justkids,

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Tbilisi Mural Fest 2020 Recap January 5th, 2021

For the second year in a row, Tbilisi opened its doors to street artists from all over the world to turn the Georgian city into an open exhibition space within the framework of the Tbilisi Mural Festival.

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SpY bids farewell to 2020 with lasers January 2nd, 2021

SpY greets the new year with a light project ”Light Barriers” and sees for all, collaboration full of hope! The “Barrier” is made with 5 high-powered lasers

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Trust Mural by Artez December 29th, 2020

“Trust mural” is the artistic creation of Serbian artist Artez who recently attended the Tbilisi Mural Festival in the Republic of Georgia. In the words of the artist we present this wonderful mural that has a story to tell.

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Garbage Tail by Murmure street in Martinique December 25th, 2020

“Garbage Tail” is the latest mural created by the French duo Murmure Street for the IPAF Festival organized by Milsmurs in the Terres Sainville district of Fort-de-France in Martinique.

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