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Special Report: Vienna Street Art March 5th, 2021

Vienna calling! Bringing you yet another street art testimony by Michael Harker, the photographer who documented the growing scene in the Austrian capital from his last trip.

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Fresh Climate Action Mural in Constance March 4th, 2021

One eye blind. Act now! This is the title of the latest mural for the Urban Art Gallery (@urbanartkonstanz) as part of the redesign of the market place underpass in Constance, south Germany.

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Demonsrating for Freedom of Speech in Barcelona March 1st, 2021

A new demonstration took place in the Parque de las Tres Chimeneas in Barcelona, on Sunday 21st February, with more than 40 artists, as meanwhile Pablo Hásel had been arrested. This time, no police officers and new fantastic murals.

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Hyper-Realistic Monumental Butterfly Murals Land In Arkansas February 25th, 2021

Artist Youri Cansell, known around the world as Mantra, completed two larger-than-life butterfly specimen case murals in Little Rock and Bentonville for ARkanvas, a statewide engagement

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Sonny new mural on leopard conservation February 24th, 2021

Internationally renowned artist, Sonny, is known for using his creative voice to raise awareness for important environmental issues, with his latest mural shining a light on wildlife corridors as an innovative conservation approach

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Barcelona Art Demonstration for Freedom of Speech February 14th, 2021

People from the graffiti and fine arts world organized an event in the Parque de las Tres Chimeneas in Barcelona against the imminent imprisonment of Pablo Hasel,

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”Igor” The Legend of the Confined Monster February 14th, 2021

Igor, the monster, a street art creation, accompanied by a tale was written by french artist Olivier Rocheau on “confinement”: Igor confines himself to our place to allow us to remain free!

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Mots wall for URBAN NATION Berlin February 12th, 2021

We bring you the recently created mural by Mots in Berlin, which was titled “de-touch” and painted during URBAN NATION art residency.

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Bolo and his “Partisan cook” February 10th, 2021

Despite the forced break due to the pandemic back in 2020, Bolo managed to join an event that was still able to take place in full compliance with safety regulations.

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