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Elbi Elem Instalation in Berga Catalonia August 2nd, 2020

Barcelona based artist Elbi Elem recently did a series of spatial interventions during her stay at the Konvent Punt Zero artist residence in Berga, Catalonia.

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Leon Keer 3D mural in Morlaix July 30th, 2020

We bring you the latest artwork titled: ’Safe House’ created by talented artist Leon Keer, in Morlaix, France.  The 3D mural was made for the MX 29 graffiti tour.

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Carl KENZ latest Projects and Stories July 29th, 2020

“COMPENSATORY JUSTICE / AUSGLEICHENDE GERECHTIGKEIT”, The wall is 6 x 2,50 m and was painted in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

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Impressive contribution by Antonino Perrotta to Vietri di Potenza July 28th, 2020

Great return of OSA Around, the urban art festival that brings Operazione Street Art and the artistic avant-garde of the field around southern Italy and that, in Vietri di Potenza

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A Decade of Memory Art In Its Purest Form for Everybody July 26th, 2020

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary in a micro format despite the series of set backs.

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Add Fuel Mural in Caldas da Rainha Portugal July 22nd, 2020

In Caldas, be Caldense. For a tiles and ceramics’ art lover such as Add Fuel, creating a mural in the city of Caldas da Rainha was both an honor and a tribute.

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New Mural by INTI in France July 21st, 2020

A PALE BLUE DOT / UN PUNTO AZUL PÁLIDO is the title of the recently created mural by INTI in Grenoble, France during Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes 2020.

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Nerone brings colour to Shoreditch Celebrating end of Lockdown July 19th, 2020

French street artist Nerone has turned one of Shoreditch’s biggest and most conspicuous billboards into a work of art to celebrate the end of lockdown.

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Berlin Rooftop action by calligraffiti artist SICOER July 17th, 2020

SICOER did not follow that tradition and instead ventured into painting the whole rooftop of Urban Spree Galerie on a roof surface of 700 square meters.

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