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Meet the ‘Street Art + Cinema’ Project May 31st, 2020

The idea of Street Art + Cinema project was born in Barcelona, where the project’s curator has lived for many years.

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“The Masquarade Ball” by Anthea Missy May 27th, 2020

During confinement, a work of art representing a masked couple kissing languidly appeared in the Châtelain district of Brussels.

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Crypto Artist Continues to Innovate with Tokenized Street Art Sale May 25th, 2020

A French crypto artist will go down as the first person to sell a tokenized wall mural.

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Meeting Point – Michael Harker May 23rd, 2020

On this latest edition of Meeting Point, we speak with Michael Harker, the photographer behind the currently popular Street Art book: ”Icons Of Street Art”.

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OKUDA “Mother Natura” Installation in Las Vegas May 22nd, 2020

Commissioned by PARK MGM, Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel and global curator Justkids returned to Las Vegas to bring to life “Mother Natura”, an installation composed of 3 sculptures and a mural,

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Full Colour: An Irish Street Art Story May 19th, 2020

Full Colour is an independent documentary by Dublin native Harry Moylan. It explores the street art communities of Belfast and Dublin, asking questions about art, politics, culture, gender and identity in Ireland.

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Festival Inspire presents the CreatorClass May 16th, 2020

As the 6th edition of Festival Inspire was scheduled to be held in July of this year, the team is now launching their newest invention:

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Origami Seal by Airborne Mark May 15th, 2020

English street artist Airborne Mark, who combines his passion for origami paper folds, has recently come up with his latest wotk. An Origami Seal. Quite playful.

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EL CUCO by Thealang Collective May 10th, 2020

Germany’s recently formed “Thealang Collective” (artists Elmar Karla and LAPIZ) painted EL CUCO on a backyard wall in Hamburg St. Pauli.

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