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Colaboration on mural project for Maximum Security Penitentiary February 14th, 2020

Spaik, Cix and Said Dokins create huge murals in the Maximum Security Penitentiary in Mexico. The three artists take us to a place far away from our daily sigh and time passing. It is a prison, that institution raised by the State as a place of exception,

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She is Cosmos by Skount February 12th, 2020

We bring you the latest of walls by artist Skount, titled “She is cosmos“. This wall was painted at Keep it fresh projects headquarter, part of the series “We are cosmos”.

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New Fabio Petani mural in Montale February 11th, 2020

We bring you the latest mural by Fabio Petani painted in Montale (in the north of Italy) for Rosso Tiepido Project 2020.

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International Public Art Festival approaching February 7th, 2020

20 Artists X 120 Walls: International Public Art Festival 12-16 FEB — Save the Date. If you thought Cape Town’s art scene was getting a little crowded, think again, there is still a lot of space for growth, thousands of meters of outdoor space to be painted, in fact.

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Roc Blackblock mural project in Cuba February 6th, 2020

Street artist Roc Blackblock just returned from Havana in Cuba and along he brings the latest on his recent “muralistic expedition”.

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Liberdade wall by Mots in A Coruna February 5th, 2020

Mots in collaboration with Fondo Galego from Galicia, Spain have presented a portrait of a female figure which represents the values the artwork wants to communicate.

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New Mexico mural by Jupiterfab January 31st, 2020

Jupiterfab latest work created in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico about the project “Is this modern society?” sponsored by Culture Institute of Puerto Vallarta and Pintura Osel.

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How Students Could Benefit from Street Art January 30th, 2020

Since its emergence in urban areas, street art plays an important role in the cultural space of most communities, public discourses, and galleries. It has been widely accepted by pop culture and

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Taquen and Sonja Ben new intervention for 12+1 Project January 29th, 2020

On January 13, artists Taquen and Sonja Ben made a new intervention for the 12 + 1 project in Sant Vicenç dels Horts.

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