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Vilnius fest in Lithuania aftermath 2014-09-23

Vilnius fest in Lithuania aftermath

This month many festivals took place around the world bouncing street art up again on the hot list of global citizens. Lets look at what happened in  the city of Vilnius in Li
thuania. Date:  5 – 13 September 2014

The Second International Street Art festival in Vilnius took place with Artists creating on walls, forum disscusions, music and parties. The International and local lineup included the fine artists: ARYZ, MCITY, ERNEST ZACHAREVIC, TANK PETROL, MORFAI, AUDRIUS AMBRASAS, JURGIS TARABILDA & GABIJA ZYLIONYTE, 209.

 “Vilnius Street Art” festival is a fresh non-governmental initiative that took place around the city for a second consecutive year. In 2013 the festival raised heated debates about the very nature of street art. How is it defined? Does Vilnius need public art initiatives and how do they benefit the city’s community? How should street artworks be protected from vandalism and graffiti and do they need to be protected at all?

This year it all seemed to flow well and the artists under the September kind weather started working, each in their own means! Just to mention a few M-city created a spectacular front cover for a classical building.

TANKPETROL – stencil master.


ARYZ made his presence felt with this magical wall and a why not a little Tagging!

ARYZ aryz (2)

Street intervention by MORFAI dressing objects around the town in green!

MORFAI3 MORFAI2 Morfai Morfai Objects In The City  No 2

The city of Vilnius is sensing the change that this festival has caused to the city itself looking forward to taking street art on another level, once and for good!


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