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Meeting Of Styles – 2018

Meeting Of Styles – 2018


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Best of 2017

Best of 2017

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  • Smashing mural by mikaelbrandrup known as Mikael B The fresh
    4 days ago by i_support_street_art Smashing mural by  @mikaelbrandrup  known as Mikael B. The fresh work is in Miami and was made for  @miamiartbasel  last week. It's called SKYFLOWERS and is located at the WYN317 Gallery in the Wynwood area.  #artbasel   #wynwood   #wynwoodwalls   #isupportstreetart   #thestreetisourgallery   #mikaelb   #muralart   #miamiartbasel   #streetart   #picoftheday 
  • otaxis created this fine mural describing the moment of grape
    2 days ago by i_support_street_art  @o_taxis  created this fine mural describing the moment of grape harvesting in a representative "frame". "Viktoria", the title of his work, an almost romantic image with warm and delicate tones presents a woman in the action of picking grapes at the center of a Salentine landscape during the harvest. Made in Lecce last month, for the second edition of  #167bartproject  Guests and protagonists of this edition were Dimitris Taxis from Athens GR and Sabotaje Al Montaje from the Canary Islands. They both made composite plots by creating works driven from a careful sociological reading of the place and the surrounding
  • Ready for Christmas? Repost caiozzama  Feliz Navidead
    3 days ago by i_support_street_art Ready for Christmas?  #Repost   @caiozzama  ・・・ Feliz Navidead
  • One off 8 hour special give away! Get Your FREE
    2 days ago by i_support_street_art One off “8 hour” special give away! Get Your FREE pack now! Spreading these fresh slaps around the world - Receive our little gift by tagging a friend and pm (private message) your full postal address to receive your set of 5 stickaz! ~[include: full name, address, post code and country] And don’t forget to tag someone! Go on, this doesnt happen every day does it? Time is ticking / Sticker Alarm ends in 8 hours!  #isupportstreetart   #thestreetisourgallery   #stickers   #giveaway   #share   #itsfree   #stickers   #slaps   #loveandstick   #liveandletlive   #streetartagainsthate   #nohatefamily 
  • 7 Daughters of Eve for Truth Hounds Beginning of this
    1 day ago by i_support_street_art 7 Daughter’s of Eve for Truth Hounds. Beginning of this December, LAPIZ was invited by Truth Hounds to paint a human right mural. Truth Hounds ( is an Ukrainian NGO who has its base in the Georgian capital Tbilisi fighting for human rights by investigating, documenting and monitoring human rights violations. They also offer a safe haven in their city shelter for human rights defenders facing security threats as well as providing educational programs. In order to gain a larger audience they organised a street festival inviting (inter-)national artists each painting a mural concerning human right issues.  @lapizgraffiti  painted the
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BLOOP 2018

BLOOP 2018

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The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis


SAM Magazine

taged with urbanact

”Coloring The Greek Islands” by UrbanAct

”Coloring The Greek Islands” by UrbanAct July 11th, 2018

The Greek islands reveal their history, their myths and traditions, through a unique series of visual interventions of public murals and participating actions of the residents.

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2nd mural by Urbanact for “Athens 2018 World Book Capital”

2nd mural by Urbanact for “Athens 2018 World Book Capital” May 13th, 2018

This is the second and latest mural realised on the side wall of an Athenian Primary school by artist ”Life In Color”, choosing Homer as its theme. Urbanact’s action “Painting School Buildings-Libraries” is part of the “Athens 2018 World Capital of Book”,

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URBANACT Wall for CITYCALL vol2 May 5th, 2018

Urbanact completed this year’s fourth mural in the city of Volos under the ”CityCall” project at the 6th Elementary School of Nea Ionia with the support of the Parents and Guardians Association. The Athenian artist Same84, who has dressed the city with several public frescoes, has also been involved in the recent swimming pool mural.

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Manomatic for “Athens 2018 World Book Capital ”

Manomatic for “Athens 2018 World Book Capital ” May 2nd, 2018

Urbanact invited Spanish artist Manomatic for the project “School Mural Programme- Bookmurals” which has been inserted in the “Athens 2018 World Book Capital”.

>> read more
New Urbanact mural in Volos for CityCall Vol2

New Urbanact mural in Volos for CityCall Vol2 April 12th, 2018

Mural painted by Taxis for the “CityCall” vol2, mural art festival on the 6th High school, Volos, Greece. Organized and implemented by Urbanact. The thematic was inspired from the Fillipotis’s “Woodbreaker” sculpture.

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Sokar Uno wall presented in Volos by Urbanact

Sokar Uno wall presented in Volos by Urbanact October 17th, 2017

Urbanact established the realization of a series of public frescoes in the city of Volos, with the voluntary participation of famous artists from Greece and abroad, on surfaces that “emerge” from an open call to the citizens.

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“URBANARTVENTURES VOL2” in Volos, Greece September 27th, 2017

Social awarenes has been the main focus of the extended project co-organised by Urbanact and Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. from Dresden in Volos, Greece. Supported by the local Municipality of Volos, this was the second edition of “Urbanartventures”

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Bifido + Julieta xlf in Greece

Bifido + Julieta xlf in Greece September 24th, 2017

Italian street artist Bifido, recently visited Volos (Greece) and made a new project in the neighborhood of refugees.

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Urbanact, with guest artist Same84, completed another public fresco in the context of the launch of Urbanact’s collaboration with the Municipality of Volos. The fresco was implemented in the city’s Swimming Pool and the citizens already enjoy its view. Volos is one of Greece’s main port cities and lately it has turned to street art […]

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