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Meeting Of Styles – 2017

Meeting Of Styles – 2017

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The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis


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Jerico new work for PUBBLICA

Jerico new work for PUBBLICA February 17th, 2018

“The latest work of Jerico Cabrera Carandang for “PUBBLICA” project, residence of urban art created by Kill The Pig for the city of Civita Castellana (Italy), is born from the constant research of the possible convivence between Nature and Man.”

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FORGOTTEN PROJECT Second Edition January 31st, 2018

Four world-famous British street artists and four new themes for the project dedicated to the forgotten buildings of Rome. The second edition of Forgotten Project will start this March in Rome.

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Peeta’s latest mural in Italy

Peeta’s latest mural in Italy December 8th, 2017

New perspectives for the “Alfonso Gatto” high school in Agropoli for the “Urban Area” project. It opens up like the pages of a book on the facade at the entrance of the “A. Gatto ” high school in Agropoli, Province of Salerno, Southern Italy.

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Tribute to Antonio Gramsci by Chekos

Tribute to Antonio Gramsci by Chekos November 9th, 2017

Italian street artist Chekos has shared with us his latest work which offers a Tribute to Antonio Gramsci in Bologne, Italy, curated by Cheap festival. With this amazing wall Chekos pays the tribute through his signature patterns, lines and the amazing photo-realism that always presents through out his pieces.

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‘Dream’ by Millo in Pescara

‘Dream’ by Millo in Pescara October 7th, 2017

The artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, known as Millo, recently made a mural in the city where he was artistivally born and from which he left for the five continents. In fact, in Pescara, the artist returns to paint after twenty years of absence and does it in great style on a surface of ​​more than […]

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Oltremare – Temporary Zone of Urban Art, Lecce.

Oltremare – Temporary Zone of Urban Art, Lecce. August 18th, 2017

The Italian Urban Laboratory 167/B, from Lecce, presents their lastest project Oltremare – Temporary Zone of Urban Art. 167/B presents their project Oltremare – Temporary Zone of Urban Art, in the city of Lecce, with more than 40 artists.

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Bifido new pieces in San Cataldo (It)

Bifido new pieces in San Cataldo (It) August 4th, 2017

Italian street artist Bifido has finalised his latest works of paste ups. The works were made for “oltremare festival” in San Cataldo, a little village in the south of Italy. In this area the government is building a gas pipeline and to do it they are cutting many olive trees. Since part of the local economy […]

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AnconaCrea Festival – Italy

AnconaCrea Festival – Italy June 16th, 2017

AnconaCrea is an art festival at the third edition created by the municipality of Ancona and curated by William Vecchietti (known as Yapwilli). The festival has become a tradition and a pivotal event in the cultural life of the city, aiming to promote during a week exhibitions, performances, insights, workshops

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Opiemme Inspires children with his new Wall

Opiemme Inspires children with his new Wall June 11th, 2017

Opiemme with around 1000 children, ages between 3 and 13, recently created a new wall in Rome, Italy. Inspired by the Renaissance symbol, Pisces, the artist worked along side with the children from the school I.C. Via Giuseppe Messina to create this piece of art.

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